Trouble in Mind


Choreographed by Danny Gardner

Performed by Aleka Emerson & Danny Gardner

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Video from “The Nutty Professor"
In Concert at Birdland

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A Tap Dance on a Pier

A Tap Dance in the Park

A Tap Dance in a Circle

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Photos from Past Performances

Birdland Jazz Party

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"The Drowsy Chaperone" at the Cape Playhouse




Irish Repetory Gala 2015


Performance 4

Performance 7

Performance 8

Curtain Call 2

Post Show

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Easter Bonnet Opening Number

Watch Danny in the opening number to the 28th Annual Easter Bonnet Competition

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New Demo Recordings

Danny has the pleasure of being on the demos of two new musicals.  
“Neurosis” and “Lord Aruthur Saville’s Crime”. 

Listen to some selections below!


“Incredible Frank” from "Neurosis - a new musical”. 

neurosis logo new-1

"What Do I Do” from “Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime"


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New York Film Academy Short


Spanish Insurance Company Commerical


Photos from "Here To Stay - The Gershwin Experience"

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"Another Day in Hell" the animated web series.  

Check out some of Danny's voice over work in the this animated web series.  He gets to play the characters "Fritz" and "Sisyphus".  

Check out the whole web series here.

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"Fingers and Toes" at the Fingerlakes Musical Theater Festival


Danny played Dustin "Toes" MacGrath in the Fingerlake's Muscial Theater Festival

"Swingtime Salute" at Virginia Stage Company


Danny played Richard Love the lead of the original USO show on the deck of the USS. Wisconsin.

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The Physical Comedy Theater Troupe "Parallel Exit"

2011.01.12 Rm17B 252

The New York Song & Dance Company

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"My Bar Mitzvah"

Lyrics by Rob Shapiro and Music by Will Aronson

Hello Monkey Productions

The Step Brothers of NYC