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Town Hall - February 25th

Danny will be returning to the critically acclaimed series at New York City’s Town Hall.  On February 25th, Broadway’s brightest stars will celebrate the music from the Broadway shows of 1928 and 1935.  

Danny has the pleasure of choreographing and performing in three numbers including the opening and closing of the show.  It promises to be an exciting night of Song and Dance! 

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"Standout performances include... Danny Gardner as the man/dog Frump, who steals a big chunk of Act II with a tap dance seduction of a princess in the number 'Out of Character.’ "

"Danny Gardner, as Lockwood, makes his Marriott debut and wins over the audience handily as a man in love. When Lockwood uses lighting, a fan and mist to set the mood before singing, “You Were Meant for Me” to Selden (Mary Michael Patterson), Gardner shows you the charmer at his most charming."

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"Danny Gardner, actor/sing/dancer/superb choreographer, performed a deft and amusing “How High Can the Little Bird Fly” and brought down the house with an inspired propulsive tap rendition of “Dance the Dark Away” Someone hire this mand to choreograph on Broadway!"

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"But the evening’s real showstopper turns to be Gardner.  Not only is he a dead ringer for Fred Astaire, his dancing embodies Astaire’s strange mix of youthful awkwardness and causal control.  His face is as expressive as his footwork, with each extension of his limbs utterly committed."